Wanna join us? Check out these links…

Please read at this link to learn about current nutritional information, even though this info is several years old.  That sounds kinda backwards, but it’s true – the information is current because it’s right in the first place, and doesn’t have to be changed on a weekly basis.  Some of the articles are from 2000, but they’re still right on target.  If you don’t learn anything  here, it’s because you’re not open to it!



If you’d like to join in a discussion on health, nutrition, post questions on those subjects, share recipes (of any kind) tell a good joke, or even post about current news events, please visit my forum at www.healthtalk.6.forumer.com/index  

Hope to see you there for good discussions!


3 Responses to “Wanna join us? Check out these links…”

  1. sundancer55 Says:
  2. sundancer55 Says:

    Ok. Gonna give this blog thing a try once more.

    However, if you wish to visit my health / foodie / current events rants forum, click here: http://healthtalk.6.forumer.com/index.php

  3. sundancer55 Says:

    News. I have a new health/politics/nutrient-dense food discussion forum located at this link:


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