My forum info

For some odd reason, the link to my old FORUM (different than a blog, doncha see?) simply will not cooperate!  Here is my NEW FORUM addy:

This was taken as a c & p right from the opened link, so if this doesn’t work, I give up.


2 Responses to “My forum info”

  1. sundancer55 Says:

    Is this thing turned on?

    No one’s interested in health issues? Healthy eating? Healthy bodies? Staying away from harmful, useless vaccinations? Boy, we’ve got sites for you to check out, but you gotta come and talk to us. Just do it, already.

  2. sundancer55 Says:

    Oops, forgot to upgrade my new forum address:

    Come to visit and comment cuz we talk about all kinds of stuff, not just health related.

    Stop in, kick the tires, see what you think.

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